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Tuesday, August 20, 2013
I just asked Twitter whether or not I should continue blogging, and if I did, what would I say? Seems like people still DO in fact enjoy reading blog posts. I know I do. I read a lot of decorating and design and photography blogs these days. I check several religiously, so I decided to blog about the blogs I read. I figured this was a good way to ease back into blogging about things, instead of just news.

A Beautiful Mess
 + I'm not sure how to describe ABM, expect to say it's a blog of pretty things, and good food, and great women. They cover everything from fashion (there's a regular Sister Style post every week), photography, decor, smoothies, cocktails, DIY and DIY parties. If I had to pick my top favorite blog, ABM would be it. 

Young House Love
 + A young couple started blogging about their DIY adventures when they bought their first house. They now blog full time, and their debut DIY book hit the bestseller list last year!

Skunkboy Blog
 + Run by Katie, who also works at ABM, this blog has a more casual, family feel to it. I have to admit, I started following this blog because I adore Katie. She is gorgeous, ya'll. She covers family, friends, homeschooling, fashion, and photography.

Julie Ann Art
 + For fans of stationary, and greeting cards, and design, Julie's blog is amazing. And her cards are awesome. She sells greeting cards on Etsy that say things like, Shit just got real (with a plus-sign pregnancy test!) and I miss you a shit ton. If you haven't heard of Julie, run to her blog and Etsy shop immediately! 

Brooke Shaden
 + SHE IS MY FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER YO. I can't say enough good things about Brooke Shaden. Her images are gorgeous and haunting and did I say gorgeous? Her storytelling through photography is amazing. On her blog, she talks about her process, both on location, and with Photoshop. Check out her Flickr feed, too.

That's just a small list of the blogs I read regularly, but definitely the best of the best, IMO. I'm going to try to blog a bit more in the coming months, and see how it goes. I can't promise the posts will always be interesting! But I'll try to sneak in a picture or two of hot shirtless men to make it at least worth your while. :-) 

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