Thursday, May 21, 2015

What kind of prize do you prefer?

First of all, new site design! Most of the hard lifting has been done, but I still need to update a few pages. For now, though, what do you guys think? I tried to make it cleaner and easier to navigate. Hopefully that's true?

Now, for the purpose of this post!

I'm planning a big contest/giveaway this summer, and I'm curious to hear what you guys would prefer as a prize. I know we all love books, but sometimes books perhaps aren't enough for the amount of work that goes into a contest. And there will be work involved (mwahahahahah!). But hopefully it'll be fun work! 

With that said, if you have a minute, please pick an option in the poll below and let me know what sort of prize your heart most desires. I will not at all be offended if you do not pick books signed by the author. :-) And if you have further suggestions for giveaways/prizes, or want to add a thought as to why you picked what you did, leave a comment! I will definitely be reading and responding. 

Book Industry Giveaways: What kind of prize do you prefer?

Books signed by the author
Books! Any book! All the books!
Critique on your work-in-progress
Exclusive swag
Dolla bills, yo
online polls


  1. Yay for new website design :D It looks all kinds of gorgeous. <3 I love it. And eeek, yay for planning an awesome giveaway :D You are the kindest. <3 I would love books signed by you, + exclusive swag, hih :)

  2. Thank you! I'm definitely digging the cleaner look. And thanks for answering the poll! I've been super curious about this for a while and now I know what people like to win!

  3. Hello Jenn,

    It depends who is entering. People who love your books will enter just for a signed book from you. :) They would love it even more if you had swag packs, but then you will also have people entering just for the stuff. Some swag packs authors do have gift cards, fairly inexpensive jewelry, beauty products, pens, and swag. This shop makes lovely swag for books:

  4. Hey! I would live signed books from u! And swag never hurt either :p. Also ik this is a bit off topic and ik its been a while since this was posted but..i just read an article about the altered series being turned into a movie? Is that true? If so im reallllyyyy excited i just hope ur involved in the process to make sure the movie stays true to the book ( otherwise we may end up with another mortal instramenta movie on our hands)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  11. Book signed by Author, is the best prize. What you say?


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