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Thursday, April 28, 2011
Those magazine covers I sometimes post? I LOVE making those things. But they take forever. I don't know if it's my incessant need to find The Perfect Font for one tiny little heading, or my obsession with coordinating colors. One cover usually takes two-three hours and that's a lot of writing time. I always end up feeling guilty after so many hours on Photoshop. But I kinda think it keeps me sane. It's a type of art I love doing just for me. I really have no desire to become a graphic artist (mostly because the inner critic tells me I can't). I'm not trying to please clients. Or editors. Or anything like that. I'm just doing. And that feels awesome.

So should I feel guilty? I have to wonder if a second form of art---or hobby for that matter---is necessary for a writer. Writers are inherently creative, but writing can be taxing and sometimes you avoid it because of that. But you can't neglect the creative muscle for too long, or it loses it's awesomeness.

So no, I'm not going to feel guilty. Or at least I'm going to try not to feel guilty. I just wish I had more hours in the day!

And speaking of graphics and Photoshop---

I have another MEAT magazine cover that I made for my agent and which I reallllllly love. It's pink and girly! I'm considering posting it, but maybe you guys are sick of seeing the magazines? :P
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