Monday, July 11, 2011
The question I often thought about when I fantasized about selling my book was: What will I buy with my advance?

The responsible side of me said, "Pay off some bills, get new tires for the car."

But responsible me is a small me, and besides, you're supposed to treat yourself to something totally ridiculous, right? It takes a LONG TIME to break into the publishing industry. It takes even longer to sell your book, for the contracts to come in, for the advance to finally reach your doorstep. So why not splurge? Why not buy something totally impractical?

So I did. You see, I have a thing for sunglasses. I currently own twelve pair. And I really like aviators. I owned a pair of $5 aviators long before aviators were cool. I still have them, as a matter of fact. They're missing both nose pads, are scratched to hell, and sit crooked on my face. 

And you know what a sunglasses enthusiast wants more than anything? A pair of Ray-Bans. 

Yes, peoples, I bought a pair. And I LOVE THEM. They are so comfortable, and solid. And they fit perfectly. And they came with a hard carrying case!

This is the pair I picked out---

I've already decided to make this a tradition. Whenever I hit a writing milestone---sell another book, meet a deadline (and therefore receive next payment)---I'm going to buy a pair of Ray-Bans. And I won't even feel guilty. Maybe ten years from now, I'll pull out this pair and I'll remember that I bought them when I sold ALTERED. And they will remind me of this year, how awesome it was.

So what did you buy or plan to buy with your advance? Make it totally ridiculous! 
7 comments on "Splurge"
  1. Love this!! Yay splurge!!! For me the answer is easy: I get more tattoos and cover another section of skin. I got a sweet 3/4 sleeve with the sale of Glitch, now the empty forearm stares at me and feels naked ;)

  2. Also, we need PICTURES of these glasses!!

  3. I still really want a tattoo!! I can't decide what to get, tho. :( Someday. I swear it!

    Also, I think the picture of the sunglasses is back up. It was there originally, but apparently disappeared!

  4. I have a thing for jewelry and I kinda always knew I'd buy myself a piece from this local store that is very pricey but has gorgeous pieces from independent jewelers. I used to walk by it all the time and think, if I ever sell a book...

    And when I finally did sell a book, I walked in there and picked out two fabulous stacking rings that I love. Of course, I was naive/impatient and bought it a few months before my advance check came...:-)

  5. Jewelry, yes! I love jewelry too. I've been considering buying a new wedding ring. When we got married, we were pretty darn poor, so we just went with something simple.

    As far as being naive/impatient, I'm right there with you! I bought a few smaller things before I got my advance. I couldn't NOT celebrate!

  6. Love it! Those are a great splurge! I bought 2 Betsey Johnson dresses with mine. I also have a tendency to buy an inexpensive piece of jewelry from our local farmer's market whenever I hit a publishing milestone (when I got an agent, when I finish a rough draft, when I finished BW copyedits and it was officially accepted). It's nice because I wear those rings or necklaces more often than the dresses, and they're great little confidence-boosters!

  7. I think I remember you mentioning the farmer's market and I was instantly jealous! Ours is still pretty new, so it hasn't established itself yet. And if I were a dress person, I would totally buy a Betsey Johnson dress or two!