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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When we sold ALTERED, I knew that as soon as I received my advance, I would put some of it back into my writing space. It had to be comfortable and clean and pretty to look at. After all, I'd spend a good portion of my day in the space. I didn't want to like it, I had to LOVE it.

Here's my writing corner tucked into the room that's supposed to be the dining room but isn't. 

We eat in the kitchen, so what's the point of having a second table? I am not the kind of person to host dinner parties. It's not quite the same as having your own room. I would much prefer that. I find it hard to write during the day because there's constant chaos going on behind me. Someday I plan to have my own room, or even my own writing cottage like this one:

Google tells me this is Roald Dahl's writing cottage. I want it.

A close up of my desk:

Lookit all those pens and highlighters! I think I buy new pens like once a week. It's ridiculous. And I love having candles around. Lots of candles. 

But my favorite part?

My plant and my ceramic bird. They are my little writing friends, there to keep me company in the early hours of the morning. That probably sounds crazy. Actually, it is crazy, but when you spend a lot of time in one spot, working alone, it's nice having a little bit of life (the plant) and a mascot (the bird) to make you feel less like a hermit and more like an independent creative person.

What are your desk must-haves?

[Side note---The art I have above my desk I bought from Sherri Conley's Etsy shop. She's an amazing photographer and I highly recommend her if you're looking for art for your home.] 

9 comments on "Writing Space"
  1. Very nice! My space is very cluttered, but the clutter is my "ceramic bird." :)

  2. The bird would make me happy, too! Lovely space.

  3. Yay you posted it! I love your bird! And dude, you are so tidy! My desk is cluttered like crazy. I feel the urge to clean mine off now, lol

  4. Sarah---My desk certainly doesn't look clean ALL the time, but I will rant and complain until it is!

    Kelsey---Thanks! I definitely have a thing for birds right now. :)

    Amber---My desk is the ONLY clean thing in the entire house. I practically have a barbed wire perimeter fence around it! My desk is my clutter-free, zen zone for sure. :D

  5. Love your little writing space. And I just read your post on Bot Wars...Jo is my agent, too!



  6. Shelley---Hey! Nice to meet you, agent-sibling! Thanks for the congrats. Still can't quite believe it. :P

  7. Wow, you're writing place is gorgeous and neat!:)
    Mine is the corner of my bedroom. I have this strong feeling that if I don't have everything in order and in place when I write that I won't be able to generate new ideas. I really need to break out of the habit but I realize that and music is the only way to reach my daily word count goal. Otherwise I'm distressing on the homework I have to do for my AP classes at school. -_-

  8. I stumbled across your blog completely by accident and I'm so glad! What wonderful, positive posts you share! Thank you :D
    Not to mention it is gorgeous! I'm your newest follower. Yay! <3

  9. Ezmirelda --- I like having an orderly writing space too. The more clutter stacked around me, the harder it is for me to concentrate.

    Dawn --- YAY! I like it when people accidentally stumble across my blog and follow! Thank you. :D