Friday, September 6, 2013

An Altered 3 Teaser: Nick's Perspective

For those of you who don't follow on Twitter, I posted an Altered 3 teaser. More importantly, a Nick teaser.

When my editor suggested I try writing Altered 3 from the dual perspectives of Nick and Elizabeth (the new girl!), I was immediately terrified. 

Nick is special to me. So special in fact, I might even consider him my favorite character. And I was worried about ruining him. I was worried I wouldn't do him justice. 

Since Altered 3 is still in its early stages, I'm not sure if I am doing him justice, but one thing I can say is I am loving writing him. More than I thought I would. And its easy to write him. Maybe even easier than Elizabeth, or even Anna. Nick's voice/character has always been extremely clear to me, and I've found that writing from his POV is an amazing experience. 

I'm hoping it continues as I finish drafting Altered 3. And I hope my editor loves him as much as I do. And more importantly, I hope readers love him! 


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