Evolution of a Writer

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I was thinking the other day how I can come up with the craziest to-do lists in order to avoid writing. And then I wondered what it must have been like for a writer/artist/scribe years, decades, centuries ago, long before Twitter, and TV, and Internet. And that's how this post came to be. 

4 comments on "Evolution of a Writer"
  1. I loved this!

    This was funny and the start to a great day.

    Thanks Jen! :D

    P.S. I loved the one from the 1700s. HILARIOUS!

  2. So true and so sad that we can't break this cycle (not that I'm going to be the one to try)

    I startled my coworkers with a loud guffaw at work lol.

  3. Tyson --- Glad I was able to put some funny in your morning. :) I giggled the whole time I was crafting the graphics!

    CB --- Writers will forever be procrastinators! Love hearing about the startled co-workers.

  4. LOL! Glad to see writers have always been procrastinators, even without the many distractions we have available today. :P