Birthday Post

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 28 now (somehow 28 feels way more official than 27)! And since yesterday was packed full of fun and awesome, my birthday post to myself is a day late. And if you know me, you shouldn't be surprised to hear my birthday post is a little light on balloons and birthday cakes, and heavy on muscle.

If I could have anything on my birthday that featured a toolbelt and long run-your-fingers-through-it hair, it would be this---

My husband is pretty handy around the house, but he can't install pot lights in my kitchen. And he wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a vapor barrier and weed block to save his life. And since my biggest birthday wish is to have my house complete, Scott fits the requirements pretty well!!

6 comments on "Birthday Post"
  1. That looks like an awesomely hot (and yet practical) birthday gift. ;)

    Happy 28th Jen!

  2. Practical, yes! That's exactly what I was going for. :D


    At some point we will have to take a mom's weekend and share renovation/decoration plans and ideas for our houses. :)

    So glad your birthday was packed full of awesome!

  4. Australia needs more Canadians. Just thought I'd throw that out into the universe ;-)

  5. Nom, nom, yep, that dude is one delicious carpetnter. And yeah, considering my husband took out the toilet in our master bath to re-tile the bathroom floor TWO MONTHS AGO and has yet to either tile the floor OR install the new toilet, this sounds like the Best Birthday Gift Ever :)

  6. P---A mom's weekend sounds FAB. I'm there! :P

    Tez---I think we could all use some more Canadians.

    Heather---I can relate to unfinished projects!! I would complain more if I didn't have about 8,000 unfinished manuscripts just hanging out. Pot calling the kettle black and all that. :-[