Tuesday, March 22, 2011
ALTERED is up on PM!!

It's the same blurb that went up in the Rights Report, but for those who might have missed that, here's the PM blurb---

Jennifer Rush's debut ALTERED, pitched as Dollhouse meets Prison Break for teens, about a 17-year-old who finds herself on the run from her father's enigmatic Agency along with the four teen boys the Agency had been experimenting on, in a mystery of erased memories, secret identities, and genetic alteration, to Julie Scheina at Little, Brown, for publication in Fall 2012, by Joanna Volpe at Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation (World English).
7 comments on "ALTERED"
  1. Woo hoo, girl! This is just so awesome!

  2. It sounds really, really awesome. I can't wait to read it!

  3. Thanks Emy! 2012 seems sooo far away! But I'm sure it'll be here before I know it. :P

  4. I agree, I hunted down the information just after looking at Goodreads. Now I am looking for a place to pre-order, Amazon does not have it.

  5. I got it at a recent book convention BEST BOOK EVER!!! I cannot put it down ive read it 4 times in the past 3 days! I wish it was a series! they should deffintly make thins into a movie

  6. I had the a chance to read the book and its awesome I loved it so much that i could not put it down and read it in under 24 hours and fell in love with Sam and Cas. again I loved it