The Monday After

Monday, March 14, 2011
It's odd, finally being able to talk about my good news in public! Especially after sitting on it for a few weeks. Can you imagine having to wait months? Not me. I would have burst at the seams.

All day Friday, I was literally glowing. It was so exciting sharing my news with the people and communities I've been involved with for years. I think I shouted the news from every available rooftop. Everyone had such kind words!

Now that the excitement has died down (only a sliver!), it's time to buckle down on the real work. Julie said we might start revisions in May, but in the meantime, I have lots of other things to work on. New Secret Project, which I LOVE. I'm also putting together character worksheets and background stories for the Altered characters. So fun getting inside the secondary characters' heads. The boys are by far the hardest. Because, ya know, I'm not a boy.

Fellow writers, how much writing do you do for the behind-the-scenes stuff?
4 comments on "The Monday After"
  1. I always hated behind the scenes stuff and pre-writing and making charts for my characters....until I saw how freaking helpful they can be! I always just wanted to jump into the writing, which you know, meant tons of re-writing as I figured out these things along the way. BUt as much as I might not be a fan of Plotting, I am even LESS a fan of throwing away tons of useless pages b/c a plot point changed mid-way through :) So now I spend at least a few days doing this stuff, charting out plot points, character personalities and flaws. I have the patience of a gnat, so I still spend as little time as possible, but I'm much more thorough now!! Good luck on New Secret Project!

  2. Thanks Heather! =D

    I like spreadsheets, so doing character worksheets is something I love. But I'm also impulsive and impatient, so I tend to just start writing with no clear picture in mind! But like you, that usually results in a lot of backtracking. Hate doing that.

  3. Love the new blog! It looks great and congrats on landing the agent!

    As for all the backstory writing...I definitely wish I'd done more before I'd started my current project. Of course, it's the first novel I've Well. There's a lot of things I'm learning through this process!

  4. Thanks Erin!

    Backstories definitely take a lot of time writing and brainstorming on, but in the long run, I think it's worth it! I'm finding out new things even now, *after* Altered was finished.