Full Altered Playlist

Friday, December 16, 2011
Two weeks ago I wrote about some of my favorite songs from the ALTERED playlist over on the BNW blog and thought I'd expand here to include the playlist in its entirety.

I always listen to music while writing. It's hard to function without it. Just like music helps you find your momentum when working out, I feel like it does the same for me when writing. I find a sort of rhythm, if you will!

As you can see, there are A LOT of songs on this list, but I would say I listen to the first twenty probably the most. And if I had to pick just one song that defined ALTERED, well, I would tell you I'd have to pick two and I'd say "Drumming Song" and "The Outsider".

Horizons Puscifer
Tumbleweed Puscifer
Better Hurt
Treading Paper Thrice
Black Dog Kelli Schaefer
Danse Russe Hurt
What the Water Gave Me Florence + the Machine
Tyrant One Republic
Passive  A Perfect Circle
The Outsider A Perfect Circle
Running Up that Hill Placebo
Fade Into You Mazzy Star
The Humbling River Puscifer
The Change Evanescence
Tyrant  OneRepublic
Lights Ellie Goulding
Into Dust Mazzy Star
E.T.  Katy Perry
Rapture Hurt
Drumming Song Florence + the Machine
Sally's Song Amy Lee
Hurricane 30 Seconds To Mars
Flower Moby
Show Me Dizzy X
All I Need Within Temptation
Something for the Pain Redlight King
Before the Worst The Script
Bloodstream Stateless
Done All Wrong Black Rebel Motorcycle
Slow Life Grizzly Bear
Painted On My Heart The Cult
Secret Things  Ken Andrews

So what about you guys? Do you listen to any of these? What song from your own list could you not survive without?

4 comments on "Full Altered Playlist"
  1. *throws fist in air Dean Winchester style* YESS!! I love it when people post their playlist to their novels for two reasons: 1. It gives me an idea of the novel. 2. I can hear new music! That's like buying a pretty new pair of fancy shoes!

  2. A playlist! Fun! There are so many songs on here I love. There are just as many I have never heard of, though. Hmm...time to expand my music horizons! XD

    Anyway, I am the same exact way when it comes to music and writing. I honestly can't work on a book until it "owns" at least one song! Music is that vital to my writing process.... (My current WIP lives-and-breathes violin covers of rock songs...haha.)

  3. LOVE Ellie Goulding. Hardly anyone I know knows of her music but I adore her. I even saw her in concert (Lights is incredible live). And I also need to work/write with music :)