Picture Post No. 4

Friday, March 23, 2012
I didn't take as many pictures this week as I normally do. This week flew by! I did, however, take a TON of pictures at my daughter's birthday party Sunday. So those are what I'm posting this week!

And some of you may have heard me talking on Twitter about how truly Michigan my family is. 'Backwoods' is probably a good term. My dad looks like a mountain man. And my mom goes squirrel hunting. 

So here, for your entertainment, are two pictures of my dad. His hair is longer than mine. And that beard is ferocious. 

2 comments on "Picture Post No. 4"
  1. Aw, such cute birthday pics!

    LOL at your dad having longer hair than you! That second pic of him swinging it about is priceless. XD

  2. Ohmygosh your dad looks just like this singer that did a show near where I live. Ahh it's gonna bug the crap out of me now!