The ALTERED phonetic alphabet

Monday, November 12, 2012
I mentioned on Twitter last week that I thought I might do a giveaway this week of an ALTERED ARC and one of these:

That, my friends, is an ALTERED poster and I only have two left. Which means this giveaway is a big deal. For me. For you! It is incredibly hard for me to part with these things, since I want to hang one in every room. And would also like to plaster them all over the town. And possibly hang a few in my car windows. 

But, maybe that's overkill? And maybe it's only fair if I share the shirtless boys fun?

So, let's get on with the giveaway. I need help creating it. I'm sure (or at least hope) you've all heard of the military phonetic alphabet? Alpha. Bravo. Charlie. Delta. Echo. Yes?

Okay, we'll, we're creating our own phonetic alphabet and I need help filling in the letters. It can be anything, from something simple like apple for A, to something totally made up, like anafontana. And for whatever letters aren't filled in, I'll ask my son/daughter/husband/mom/dad/uncle/mailman for help. 

I'll update the alphabet here until the contest starts. And when DOES it start? Wednesday. Wednesday at noon and it'll run till Friday at noon. Winner will be announced Friday afternoon/evening! And there will be more details as to what, exactly, you have to do to win on Wednesday when the contest goes live. 

All you have to worry about for now is the alphabet. Because without the alphabet, there is no contest. Just for fun, I've filled in B to get you started. 

Ready? Go. 

A... Aeroflork
B... Boondoggle
C... Caviler 
D... Douchecanoe
E... Ewok
F... Foible
G... Glitter
H... Hippie
I... Icky
J... Juggle
K... Kickass
L... Lickable
M... Major
N... Nugget
O... Oodles
P... Pantaloons
Q... Queen
R... Rixatrix
S... Shirtless
T... Tango
U... Unicorn
V... Vera
W... Weevil
X... Xena
Y... Yum
Z... Zany

(side note: I totally forgot the W the first time around...apparently I don't know my ABCs anymore.)

ETA: If you'd like to tweet a letter, use the hashtag #alteredletter

9 comments on "The ALTERED phonetic alphabet"
  1. Yeepers. This is fun! I love Military alphabet. I could fill it all out but I'll stick with one letter.

    H- Hippie :P

    1. YESS! Perfect! Updating now! I must admit, this is partially for my entertainment as well. :D I'm excited to give away an ARC and poster, but leading up to it...HILARITY!

  2. Can't wait to find out how the contest will work. :)

    C is for caviler

  3. A contest? Fun! I must admit, though, this is the first time I'm hearing of this thing called a military phonetic alphabet. *shameface* Here's a word for ya: Z for Zany!

    P.S. Loving your blog header! :D

    1. Z for Zany. I like it!

      And thanks RE: header. I'm digging the new look. It's high time I updated it!

  4. F is for my FAVORITE word - foible :D

  5. Has anyone mentioned lately that you are so very awesome? Because you are! Thanks for the amazing giveaway and I love the way your creative brain came up with such a cool idea for us to enter the giveaway :D

    1. No, I don't think anyone HAS mentioned lately that I'm so very awesome! *stares at husband* Hah. Thank you! I'm glad you're digging the giveaway! I know I'm loving it. Why NOT have fun with it, right?