Nick's Book Q&A

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Since I posted the news about Nick's book (my 3rd YA), I've gotten a lot of questions about it and the future of the Altered world. So I thought I'd try to answer as many of those questions here, for anyone who is curious.

++ When will Nick's book be released? 
If all goes as planned, I imagine it'll follow the same release schedule as Altered and Erased, so January 2015.

++ Will it be told from Nick's perspective, or Callie's?
When I first envisioned this book, I only saw it from Callie's POV, but that may change. It will definitely be told from Callie's first person perspective, but there may or may not be chapters from Nick's POV. That didn't really answer the question at all, did it? ;-)

++ When does Nick's book take place?
The summer after Erased.

++ Will Anna, Sam or Cas make an appearance?
Definitely. Nick will be on his own for much of the book, but I do plan to have the others pop in at least once. How could I not? ;D

++ Will the other boys --- Cas and Trev --- have their own books too?
This is a question I can't really answer, yet. A lot has to happen first for it to be a possibility. Most importantly, I have to write Nick's book first, then come up with the framework for Cas's and Trev's stories before finally submitting those ideas to Little, Brown.

I do have origin stories written for all of the boys (and Dani), so we might do something with those in the future. And I also have a loose summary of a Trev story that takes place between Altered and Erased.

++ Will Nick's cover follow the same design as Altered and Erased?
I'm not sure. I, personally, would love to see another neon, shirtless boy cover!

If I haven't covered something here that you're curious about, comment below and I'll do my best to answer. I hope this Q&A cleared up some curiosities! And, let me say again, I am SO happy to hear you all are excited to read Nick's book. I seriously cannot wait to write it.
4 comments on "Nick's Book Q&A"
  1. I think I would cry tears of joy if Cas got his own book. And if it was an interracial romance I'm pretty sure I would faint.

    1. Tears of joy! Fainting! *makes notes* :-) I would looooove to write Cas his own book someday! Crossing my fingers it happens.

  2. If there is no neon cover thing going on I might curl in a ball and cry because they make me shevles really pretty.

    Not only that, but this is news to me about a Nick book SO I'M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS. :)

    1. They make my shelves pretty too!

      And YAY! So glad you're excited about Nick's book! I can't wait to write it. I think it's going to be a blast.