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Tuesday, November 20, 2012
With Altered less than two months out, feedback and reviews are starting to trickle in. I am still beyond thrilled to hear that people are reading my book and even more that they seem to dig it. I continue to feel blessed to be in this position at all. And sometimes shocked that I'm a soon-to-be published author. 

I thought I'd celebrate a little, and post some of the blurbs you'll find on the final jacket, and some of the reviews I've received so far. I am particularly smitten with the review from Romantic Times. 

But first, the blurbs! This is a sneak peek of the Altered back cover. I want to throw all those wonderful writers a thank you party. I know how hard it is to read once you're a contracted writer. I've read a paltry 17 books this year, and each of those books were dragged out over several weeks, sometimes even months. So to know that all of those amazing writers took time out of their already busy schedules to read Altered pretty much makes me want to shout my thanks from the roof tops. And also fist bump them. 

The Kirkus review in its entirety isn't live yet, but here's what you'll find as an excerpt listed on "Within minutes, this medical-engineering thriller will have readers glued to their seats....Riveting."

And, Publisher's Weekly:
In Rush’s action-packed debut, first in a planned series, homeschooled 18-year-old Anna Mason has a life ruled by secrecy. Her widower father works for a clandestine organization called the Branch, and four gorgeous genetically altered teenage boys live in the basement laboratory of their New York State farmhouse. Anna feels especially connected to one of the boys, Sam, even though he, like the others, has no memories of life outside his basement cell. When the Branch tries to collect “the units,” chaos erupts, and Sam, Anna, and the others take off on the run. Together, they drive across several states, decoding a trail of clues and bringing Anna and Sam closer than ever. Anna is refreshingly and realistically uncomfortable with the ongoing violence surrounding their escape. Her interactions with the boys (whose somewhat one-note personas—the leader, the smart one, the hothead, and the goofball—can’t help recalling another product of genetic manipulation, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) keep the story moving quickly, along with a steady unfolding of revelations and events.

And lastly, Romantic Times! 
"Rush keeps it fresh with this fast-paced novel, full of last-minute surprises and unexpected twists. Anna is complex, and the whole cast is well rounded. The mysteries laced throughout the action add suspense, making the moments of romance even hotter."

Making the moments of romance even hotter. I LOVE THAT LINE. Get it girl. Sam + Anna FOREVER

I hope when Altered is released, and the public gets to read it, that they have a similar reaction. After all, I would hardly write at all if it wasn't for the make out scenes. :D

Next week, I want to give a special shout-out to the bloggers and Goodreads readers who've also reviewed Altered. So many wonderful people to thank! 

6 comments on "ALTERED Blurbs and Buzz"
  1. kyaaaaa! Im really not surprised to see so many praises on RUSH!! 2013 hasn't even started and it's already on my 2013 top ten list! hell yes!! so freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! that jacket looks gorgeous with so many praises by so many amazing authors! and congratulations on those shiny reviews ! =D yay! I couldn't agree more!
    My review is coming out on January 1st on my blog! already scheduled ooh yes! WHat a perfect way to start the New Year! =D

    1. Oh YAY! So cool to hear! I can't wait to see the review on your blog on January 1st. BEST way to start the year for sure!

  2. Wow, so many amazing reviews! Congrats! I can't imagine how great it must feel to see your book get so much praise. :D

  3. Seen this yet? Your book is going to be available in German mid-January...

    1. I haven't seen that particular link, but I did know it was going to release in January. I'm so excited. Thanks for forwarding to my attention! :D